Client Testimonials

"Dave thanks for the great work over the past 2 years. It got me feeling like a new man. The new moves you showed me for sure are going to be put to use. Thanks"

  Jurrell Casey DE- 2017, 2018 Tennessee Titans NFL

"I had a wonderful experience with Dave. I've had achilles tendonitis for over a year, and after 1 session it's completely better. Please try the Russian Sticks as well, you will not regret it."     

  Mike Tolbert RB - 2016 Carolina Panthers NFL

"After recovering from a compound fracture of my fibula and tibia, I suffered another fracture of my tibia. I brought Dave in to help me to recover from that injury. He is very knowledgeable, and his bodywork tecniques helped me to recover quicker, and get back on the field." 

  Khiry Robinson RB - 2016 New York Jets NFL

"Dave did an excellent job helping the Strongmen prepare for and recover from their events at the Arnold. He is very talented, and his work is fantastic."

  Arnold Schwartzenegger

"Any athlete would be lucky to have Dave in their corner. He has some serious skills, you have to check him out"

  Larry Holmes - Former Heavyweight Champion of the World

"I had some shoulder pain which Dave found and fixed in like five minutes. A quick tune up from him makes you feel great. This man has talent."

  Donovan Mcnabb QB - Philadelphia Eagles NFL

""Dave fixed me up and got me feeling great. My body feels loose and pain free. His skillset is what you need to perform at your best."

  Michael Vick QB - Philadelphia Eagles NFL

"Every time Dave tunes me up I feel amazing. He helps me to feel loose and ready to perform at the highest level. Football is hard on my body and focusing on recovery keeps me going."

  Kenjon Barner RB - Philadelphia Eagles NFL

"Dave has got some hands, He tuned me and my teammates up at my charity softball tournament, A great guy with great skills. His work gets you right."

  Desean Jackson WR - Philadelphia Eagles NFL

"I wasn't a big believer in massages, but ever since I started working with Dave and the Total Performance Bodywork, I've been made a believer. The work keeps me loose, and helps tremendously."

  EJ Biggers CB - 2015 Philadelphia Eagles NFL

"Dave was a huge asset to our franchise and more specifically the Sports Medicine Department. Whether it was pre-game or post-game Dave always had the correct skill or technique to keep our players performing at the highest levels possible. Dave was extremely professional and it was my pleasure having him as a part of our organization. I would highly recommend Dave for not just Football teams, but also any high level competetive athlete who wants to be at peak physical condition at all times during and after their season."

  Jesse Geffon - Head Athletic Trainer Baltimore Brigade, Former Trainer Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"Dave is the truth. I have seen him for pre game tune ups and post game recovery over multiple years with multiple teams. He is dedicated to his craft. No matter what issue you have he will get you right."

  Joe Powell DB - Batimore Brigade AFL, Buffalo Bills NFL, Cleveland Gladiators AFL, Lehigh Valley Steeelhawks PIFL

"I would like to give a big thank you to Dave Reeman and the work he does for athletes. About 4 weeks left in the season I had severely bruised heel and a few messed up ligaments around that area. Dave treated me before the game 3 weeks straight and allowed me to get back on the field without missing a beat. His work allowed me to actively recover during the week and keep the rest of my body ready for each weeks game.

Thanks again Dave!"

  Rory Nixon FB -  2016 , 2017 Baltimore Brigade AFL

 "Dave is extremely knowledgeable about the way our bodies work and goes above and beyond to not only solve the noticeable issues, but also educate his clients about each technique. I look forward to every session!" 

  Adley Stump - Country Music Artist

"I have received many treatments from Dave while playing for the Gladiators. He has helped me play better and avoid injury. At one point I had a torn pec and wouldn't be able to play for 2 weeks. He worked on me and I was able to play in the next game. What Dave does works."

 Larry Beavers WR - 2016 Cleveland Gladiators AFL, Former New Orleans Saints NFL

"Dave has worked with our players for the last 3 years, both at home and away games.  Every one of them definitely benefitted from his treatment and felt better for the games. I had a chronic knee injury that he really helped me with"

  Steve Thonn - Head Coach 2016 Cleveland Gladiators AFL

"Dave worked on me before games when I played with the Trenton Freedom. I had a shoulder issue, and after he worked on me, I got my first one-handed catch.  I feel better than I have in a long time. He literally pushes the pain and soreness out of you. Every time he works on me I play better. He worked on me and my teammates when I went to the New Orleans Voodoo, Jacksonville Sharks, and Washington Valor"

 Roger Jackson WR - 2015 Trenton Freedom PIFL, New Orleans Voodoo AFL, 2016 Jacksonville Sharks, 2017 Washington Valor AFL

'Dave works on me pregame, and at half time every game. My arms are the loosest they've ever been. I feel great during the game, which helps me to throw better, and avoid injury if I get tackled. He does great work!"

 Stephen Panasuck QB - 2015 Trenton Freedom PIFL, 2016 Cleveland Gladiators AFL


"Dave's pregame tuneups help me immeasurably. They put me in the perfect shape to play. I highly recommend using him and his treatment and I always look forward to getting it every game!"

 Kitt O'Brian OL - 2015 Cleveland Gladiators AFL, 2015 Indianapolis Colts NFL, 2019 Carolina Panthers


"After receiving Total Performance Bodywork I can truly say I feel looser, and able to run better. I was battling a mid foot sprain which nobody could seem to fix. Well this first treatment has worked wonders. Foot feeling much better. I also had chronic knots in my hamstrings that Dave got rid of."

 Amarri Jackson WR - 2015 Cleveland Gladiators AFL, Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL

"After Dave used his Total Performance Bodywork on me, I felt relaxed and calm. Muscles were released, and body felt good. Definitely worth the time. I feel much better."

 Andrae Thurman WR  - 2015 Cleveland Gladiators AFL. Former Green Bay Packers NFL

"I had pain from a collar bone injury which felt excellent after I saw Dave! I can now throw better."

 Brian Zbyoniewski QB - 2015 Orlando Predators AFL

"Dave is great. He worked on me in 2013, when I was with the Steelhawks, and this year he worked on me and my teammates pregame. After he worked on me in Cleveland, I scored 4 touchdowns. I would recommend him to anybody."

 Mike Simons OL - 2013 Lehigh Valley Steelhawks PIFL, 2015 Orlando Predators AFL, 2017  Philadelphia Soul AFL

"I have worked with Dave for several years. I first met him when I played Professional Football, and now he helps me to prepare for Strongman Competitions, His bodywork techniques are very effective for athletes of all sizes. I was having hamstring issues that compromised my lifting ability, and after he worked on them, I got a PR on my deadlift. He also helped me recover from a torn biceps tendon. What Dave does works."

  Troy Bennett - Strongman

 "Dave has helped me with some injuries related to a car accident, and he has been able to help many of my clients who look forward to his monthly visits to my gym.  Dave is knowledgeable and proficient in many modalities of bodywork, and uses whichever methods are best suited to each client's needs.  Many therapists have good skills, but Dave is one of the rare individuals who is truly a healer."

 Kerry Swick - Owner Pittsburgh Kettlebells

"Dave helps me and my gym members prepare and recover from our workouts, and also competitions. We are able to give our best because he helps us feel our best. Crossfit is hard on your body and proper recovery is a must,"

  Tanya Wagner - 2009 Crossfit Games Fittest Female in the World

"Dave takes the time to listen to my body and identify what it needs. He creates a welcoming atmosphere, and I feel like a new man when he is done working on me. He is willing to travel to events with our competetive athletes, and takes care of me, and our athletes weekly at the gym."

  Keith Bussom - Owner, Crossfit Apex, Crossfit Competition Athlete

"As a competition level Crossfit Athlete, I'm always looking to gain a competitive advantage through regular body maintenance and 'game day' tuneups. Dave Reeman's unique brand of bodywork has become a fixture in my week to week regimen, and an absolute necessity during competitions.'

 Louis Williams - Crossfit Competition Athlete, Swimming Coach

"Dave was a valuable asset to the staff and players of the Harrisburg Stampede. His pregame sessions with the players helped them to play better and avoid injury. He worked on the coaches, and myself as well. Everyone loved his work. He has a unique approach that is very beneficial to athletic performance and recovery."

  Marques Colston WR - 2014 New Orleans Saints NFL, Owner Harrisburg Stampede PIFL

"I broke my hand three times, and have endured pain, swelling, and limited motion for a long time. Dave worked on me, and the pain and swelling are gone. My hand moves better too. Any team would be lucky to have him working with them."

 Brian Brikowski DB - 2014 Montreal Alouettes CFL, Cleveland Gladiators AFL

"I have worked with many body workers over the decades, and Dave is one of the best. I highly recommend him" 

 Martin Wheeler - Systema Instructor, Stunt Coordinator, Film Director, Producer


"Dave is very skilled at massage. He has very good sensitivity. He senses tension and removes it very well."

 Mikhail Ryabko - Systema Master Intructor

"Dave Reeman is one of my first thoughts that come to mind when injured. Definitely a true, natural, and gifted healer."

  Frank Fileti - Systema Instructor, Actor, Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator

"During our recent Combat Lab seminar Dave came along and did some bodywork for the students and myself. Dave is a familiar face to many in the Systema community and uses a scientific approach of using Russian health methods to treat NFL football players and top level athletes. Having had several of his treatments I can recommend his work as being top quality."

  Paul Genge - Combat Lab Russian Martial Art Instructor

 "Hello, my name is Bryan Wick, I am a 5 year Arena Football veteran. In 2013, while playing for the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks of the Professional Indoor Football League (PIFL), I met Dave Reeman. Dave came to the organization with one thing on his agenda, to keep players on the field. Arena Football is a rough game, much more violent than outdoor football, due to the field size being half that of an outdoor football field, and the players being equally as big. Less space means more collisions.

     Dave quickly became an important asset to the team, and more specifically to player health. Working on players prior to games turned into Dave working on players numerous times throughout a week, at all hours. Dave was willing to come to player housing at 10pm on a weeknight to work out player soreness and stiffness. Dave has an incredible work ethic and treats players like his own. Dave has the ability to be successful with athletes ranging from the youth, high school, college, and professional levels.

     Dave’s knowledge ranges from traditional to non-traditional techniques. His use of Russian Massage & Bodywork in athletics is unique and not only reduces injury potential, but speeds the healing process of those injured. Dave focuses on strength and mobility. He uses techniques to help athletes attain, and also regain, flexibility, range of motion, and overall movement, while also strengthening the overall body, using bodyweight and tendon strengthening techniques.

     I personally have been lucky enough to have had a plethora of sessions with Dave. Dave helped me regain range of motion in my shoulder mid-season, and got me back on the field after I suffered a back strain. He also helped me recover from severe plantar fasciitis. Dave will expedite the healing process, whether you have tendonitis, a kink in the neck, or a grade 3 muscle strain. I have seen players be told they could not return for 2 weeks, see Dave, and be back on the field in 3 days.

     In 2014, while a member of the Harrisburg Stampede of the PIFL, I had an opportunity to work with Dave again, as he joined the staff to handle injury prevention and healing. Dave’s knowledge of the body is incredible and ever-expanding. Many of Dave’s techniques should be seen firsthand, as they are unique, but are incredibly therapeutic. I would recommend Dave to athletes of any age or level."

 Bryan Wick OL - 2013 Lehigh Valley Steelhawks, 2014 Harrisburg Stampede


"I can confirm that I know Dave Reeman to be a highly qualified individual in his profession.  I hold him in the highest regard for the talent that he possesses when it comes to helping people to reach their body's full potential.  Currently, I am the Head Coach of the Philadelphia Hawks Australian Rules Football Club and have had the pleasure to hire him to work on the players on the team. On numerous occasions, the teams' players have benefitted from his expertise.  I am confident that he will continue to help the team in the future and trust whole-heartedly that they are getting the best person to help fix and heal any ailments or injuries that may otherwise prevent them from performing at their best.  Dave has also worked on me personally on a number of occasions as well, and I trust him completely. His knowledge of how the body works and what it is truly capable of is astounding.  It’s remarkable to have learned what Dave has taught me about my own body and how I can apply simple stretches and strength exercises to help me perform at my best on a consistent basis.  I highly recommend hiring him for both his knowledge and his talent. 

  Jon Loring - Head Coach, 2014 Philadelphia Hawks ARFC



 "Im in my 6th professional football season and Dave's Total Performance Bodywork techniques are the best I've come to know. Nothing of what he does is textbook or "normal," but it works.  And it works wonders. My body feels rejuvenated. I've been performing at a higher level and I wish I'd have come in contact with Dave and his techniques much earlier in my career. My personal favorite is when he legitimately 'walks' the bad out of your body.  As an athlete, I HIGHLY and FULLY recommend you get in contact with Dave and hire him for what he does. Dave's services will help you tremendously. Simply put, what Dave does, works." 
   Chris Schubert WR - 2014 Harrisburg Stampede, 2014 Lehigh Valley Steelhawks PIFL

 "Dave is great at what he does. I had the pleasure of getting worked on by him for 2 years while playing professional arena football. I dislocated my shoulder one week, and by the next week I played.  His techniques are very unique and effective. I would recommend him to anyone with any issues."

  Elliott White - 2013 Lehigh Valley Steelhawks Player, 2014, 2015 Lehigh Valley Steelhawks Coach PIFL

"Working with Dave this past season was a great experience. I have definitely felt the difference in my body. I go to see him every chance I can. I recommend people to believe in this.  It will help you play and feel better."

  James Pitts WR - 2014 Harrisburg Stampede PIFL

"Pre-game warm-ups and preparation prior to games and practice improved tremendously with the help of Dave.  It has become a must to see him.  Dave made a world of difference, improved my performance, and was a big help in injury prevention as well."

  Jerrell Jones WR - 2014 Harrisburg Stampede PIFL, 2015 Lehigh Valley Steelhawks PIFL

"Dave has helped me tremendously in my preparation for games.  His techniques allow me to perform at the highest level.  If I would have met Dave a few years ago, I would be playing another 5 years!"

  Collis Martin WR - 2014 Harrisburg Stampede PIFL

 "In high school I suffered a back injury playing sports that limited my physical performance, and became a recurring problem in my life.  After working with Dave numerous times, the physical difference is nearly unreal.  I have less tension and stress within my back, and feel the best I ever have!  I would highly recommend Dave Reeman, this guy works magic!"

  Will Mattis - Manager, ASI Panthers AIFL

"I was playing football for the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks when I first met Dave.  Dave is a truly generous man who was willing to give his time not only whenever he could, but more amazingly, whenever one of our players needed treatment, Dave would make it happen. Dave's techniques are unique and highly effective. They really allow the individual to take control of their own healing through the catalyst of Dave.  He is a very well-versed individual in his field of study and tries new or different things in order to get results.  I would recommend his services to anyone who wants a willing and committed individual to get you healed." 

  Hunter Wanket QB- 2013 Lehigh Valley Steelhawks PIFL,2015 Trenton Freedom PIFL

"Dave uses a unique combination of healing not only with physical treatment, but also with the mental aspect.  Dave helped me recover from a knee injury so quickly I never even missed a practice.  I continued to work with him throughout the entire season and he kept me injury free and at the top of my game.  Dave also teaches you to use your mind and always believe in yourself, and visualize yourself healthy and successful.  I would recommend Dave to anyone, and I'll continue to work with him in my career."  

  Thomas Gilson WR - 2013 Lehigh Valley Steelhawks, 2013 PIFL Player of the Year

"At Success Rehabilitation, Dave Reeman works with survivors of severe brain injury as they endeavor to improve their health and increase their independence. Our clients have a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities, and he guides them with patience and a consistently positive attitude. We have seen the results as he empowers individuals: informed choices leading to improved health. The Mobility and Strengthening Class offered at Success has helped clients to move better, breathe better, get stronger and relax. Dave helps the clients find ways to exercise and gain strength while helping them to work around any limitations they may have. Familiar movements and exercises are combined with novel approaches. Repetition helps clients remember familiar movements, while they are also challenged to learn new ones. Progress has been noted in strength and flexibility for many individuals. At the end of each class, clients are asked how they enjoyed the class and what they liked specifically. The most common answer is “everything”."

  Ronnie Pozzi - Director of Client Services


" Dave's bodywork has helped to improve my overall athletic performance and has helped me to prevent and overcome injury. He has found and helped improve physical issues that traditional physical therapy with multiple chiropractic and massage sessions was unable to resolve. He doesn't just treat the symptoms but helps you find the root causes and issues. Dave consistently has helped ."
   Scott Mulvaney - Crossfit Athlete

 "Since working with Dave the quality of my life has significantly improved. I used to suffer from knee pain and a tight back daily.  Now I hardly ever have pain and if I do Dave has shown me what I can do to relieve it.  My fitness and breathing has improved as well.  Dave really knows his stuff.  I highly recommend that anyone comes to see Dave for any issue, be it an old injury or just a desire to move more efficiently."  

  Keith Pasterak - Powerlifter

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