Free your Body from Pain and Tension with Russian Bodywork 

What is Total Performance Bodywork? It is a unique system of healing, breathing, movement and strengthening work that he has developed. It combines a variety of techniques to address whatever issue, injury, or movement limitation you may be dealing with. The focus is on finding the root cause of the problem, not just treating symptoms. It is also used to prevent injuries and maintain the body. This will promote speedier recovery after stresses to the body from sports, injury, or illness. A routine of regular bodywork is essential to keeping your body healthy for a lifetime. Life itself can be stressful. These stressors are held in the body as tension. Excess tension causes health and movement issues. As an athlete, this impairs your performance. Freeing your body from tension, pain, and limitation will enable you to increase your speed, strength, endurance, athletic efficiency, and work capacity.


Each session is different. Clients remain clothed. Dave works with you to gain an understanding of what your body needs. He tailors each experience to what pressure you prefer, and what techniques your body needs and resonates with. Work is performed on a massage table, on the floor, and standing. Bodywork, care, and maintenance is a lifelong process and should be integral to your life. As with your car, if you maintain your body with regular service, it will last indefinitely.


Dave has a great understanding of how the body works as a whole. He helps you to strengthen and integrate your entire body. This enables it to be much stronger and more efficient. An efficient, strong, freely moving body will enable you to outlast and outperform those carrying tension and injury. Get rid of pain, tension, and old injuries. Perform at your best. Many people are carrying around pain every day. If you are in pain, call Dave today at 610-570-7480 and feel better today.

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