Russian Bodywork & Athletic Performance 


Dave Reeman is a Bodyworker, Russian Martial Arts Instructor, and Movement Coach. He studies and practices a wide variety of Eastern and Western bodywork, martial arts, movement, healing, manual therapy, Reflexology, energetic and massage modalities. He has combined them into a system that he calls Total Performance Bodywork.


Dave began this work in 2010 when he discovered Russian Martial Arts. He became interested in the Russian health practices of healing, movement, breathing, and strengthening. He used these aspects to help himself and others.  Dave studied Russian methodologies and philosophies of athletic training and recovery. These were techniques and practices that the Russian Sports and Military Complexes scientifically researched and tested. Since many Russian people did not have access to modern healthcare technology or pharmaceuticals, they used time-honored techniques that were simple and effective. 


Dave has been quite successful in helping people to recover from new and old injuries, improve their breathing efficiency, athletic performance, mobility, flexibilty, and their overall strength. He is passionate about helping people to be able to move better and be free of pain. Athletes call Dave '"the Career Extender" due to his ability to improve their health and performance.


He has found that athletes of all ages and skill levels respond well to, and really benefit from this work. As one of Dave's athletes stated, "Simply put, what Dave does, works."


Dave also works with special needs clients in group homes and individually. He teaches movement and strengthening classes at a brain injury rehabilitation facility. His work there has given him an insight into the challenges that people with brain injuries face. 


If you are an athlete who wants to get the most out of your training, and take your performance to the next level, call Dave today at 610-570-7480 to schedule a session.




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