Move and Feel Better
Move and Feel Better

 Feel 100%  Perform At 100%

Operate at peak performance, maintain your body, increase your athletic ability. Your pre-game preparation, and how you recover after your athletic event, is crucial to a long career and a healthy body. A race car is completely rebuilt after every race. Your body must be properly maintained, and have no excess tension, or injury, to perform well consistently.


Every injury, ache, pain, or movement limitation robs you of performance, power, speed, and maneuverability. Many people are carrying around a collection of new and old injuries. Imagine being pain-free, with freedom of movement, and be able to operate consistently, at your full potential.


Martial artists strive to keep their bodies strong and conditioned over a lifetime. The old Masters can do seemingly impossible things. They spend years putting their bodies through rigorous physical and mental training. Time is spent not only on strength and conditioning but also on maintenance and recovery.


Dave's unique healing, recovery, and strengthening techniques enable you to maintain and sustain your body, lengthening your athletic career. These techniques have been used by athletes and martial artists for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Dave works with people of all ages, amateur and professional athletes to keep their bodies strong, pain-free and healthy.  Anyone using Dave's services will move better and feel better.


Call Dave today so that you can improve your total performance. Get stronger, faster, and play or compete more efficiently.

Dave Reeman

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